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Tali Berman: Autism Specialist/Author

“Since we began working with Tali, our daughter has made incredible changes. She is crying and having tantrums much less and is participating in games with us much more. She is now using 2-3 word combinations, is initiating physical affection with her siblings and father AND she is fully toilet trained. We are so thrilled with her progress!” -Bec, Australia Mother of Bella (age 4)  

“Making the decision to work with Tali was one of the most important steps we took in Kilian´s pathway to recovery. He is now eating a much larger variety of foods, is having tantrums much less, is asking and answering more questions and is beginning to tell me about his day! Just the other day Kilian’s teacher told me that he “is like a different child”. This is truly a dream come true.” -Patricia, Austria Mother of Kilian, (age 9)  

“I have 3 children with autism and all of them have changed in dramatic ways since I began working with Tali. I am literally seeing each child open up before my eyes. We have gone from seeing sporadic and inconsistent changes to seeing new and exciting things with them every day- like increased comprehension, more spontaneous language, less tantrums and increased affection.”  

-Allison, Louisiana, USA Mother of Hillary and Lesley (twins age 8), Jack (6)

Roni Enten: Certified Nutrition Specialist

"My son Omer received a diagnosis of developmental and language delay at age 1 year and 10 months. We began to seek out nutritional support and found Roni. Today, we have been working with her for about a year, and Omer has made amazing progress. As a result of the nutritional protocol, Omer has made tremendous strides in all areas. Omer now makes consistent eye contact, has started talking, is more focused and listens, and today, Omer has no communication delays! Roni always has an open ear and works with us, is dedicated, accurate and patient. She does amazing work--I have no words to express the joy that fills us every day with Omer’s improvement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart". 

-Mother of a 2.5 year old boy (ASD)  

"Roni gave me all the answers and was very patient and caring. She immediately began to build us a protocol told us which tests to do and which supplements to start taking...I began the (GFCFSF) diet and the supplements gradually and started to see changes very quickly. The first change was that my child became hungry, suddenly wanting to eat things like tomatoes and cucumbers--and now he eats everything. One of the miracles is that Itai suffered from problems with his ears, and once a month we had to go get his ears cleaned out otherwise he would get an infection—this stopped completely. Changes also began in behavior and speech, he began to answer questions and ask questions. All along the way, Roni is there with us, I consult with her on every little thing and she answers very quickly by email and phone, whether she is here or abroad. She gives us personal attention, even when Itai is sick sometimes, and she advises us on what to do. The bottom line is that I couldn’t have done it without Roni—she’s a true professional. I could go on and on but that would require a book, which maybe one day I'll get to. So thank you, Roni, we will continue to work together!“  

-Parent of a 5 year old boy (ASD) 

"Our meeting with Roni created order in this new world (of individualized bio-nutrition) that has so many concepts and things to be aware of, Roni managed to help us feel certain of what we are getting into and gave us plenty of motivation to continue on a journey that we were skeptical of at first. Today we are calm and we are certain that this approach works. Its so important to know that there are professionals like Roni out there who can support and guide you and who work from their heart. I highly suggest contacting her - she is amazing! "  

-Parent of a 3.5 year old girl (ASD)

The below testimonials were given by families whose children were treated at the the Wholistic Pediatrics Clinic where they were served by Dr. David Berger (Board Certified Pediatrician) and Patsy Giarda (Nurse Practitioner).

"My son William was a patient of yours and when you first met us William was delayed, non-verbal, zero eye-contact. Honestly, I didn’t know my son- he did not react or interact with anyone, not even me, his mom. He was severely withdrawn and only made noise when he desperately wanted his way……which was always OCD related, or so it seemed. We couldn’t leave a waiting room until all of the blocks were touched or lined up or sorted or put away.  

We did everything you suggested and we succeeded! Today William is 10 1/2 yrs old and thriving! He is the most loving, emotional and caring boy I ever did meet! He’s smart and intuitive. He cares about others. He is the boy holding the door, helping to load the groceries or starting a conversation with strangers! Today people of all ages are drawn to him-like they just want to be near him. OCD gone! Sometimes, I find myself tuning him out!!! And then I remember, say a prayer, and thank God!"  

-Mother of a 10.5 year old son diagnosed with autism  

"We came to you a few years ago with a very, very sick little girl whom her other doctors, including a team of specialists, had basically given up on. We have no doubt that over time she would have continued to worsen, and we shudder to think what may have happened in the end.  

However, those fears and days of worry and uncertainty have been all but forgotten because of you and your amazing team. Your approach to truly wholistic and integrative care have changed (and possibly saved) our daughter’s life. You were able to help her when no one else could; you gave us answers when there were none. We can never thank you enough for all you have done for us, and we continue to refer others to you time and time again because we have seen with our own eyes what a difference you have made for us. You are truly a blessing to all who know you and those you treat."  

-Parents of a girl diagnosed with autism 

"Dr. Beger, we can’t think of you without remembering the sound of joy that returned to our son almost immediately after one of your earliest interventions. It was the sweetest sound I have ever heard and we have you to thank for it. We have had several wows and steady improvements throughout his course of care. Because of your truly holistic and biomedical approach we have a happy little boy who is becoming healthier everyday."  

-Parents of a boy diagnosed with ASD